The top 4 most impressive decor of Paris fashion week

The top 4 most impressive decor of Paris fashion week

At every fashion week, high fashion houses are trying to make an impression with more spectacular decoration and more creative fashion shows that stand out from the crowd. Back on the top 4 of the most impressive decorations of fashion week fashion houses in Paris for the last 10 years.

In first place is the decor of the Christian Dior show for the spring / summer 2018 collection at the Musée Rodin. The French couturier created a larger-than-life mosaic installation of 80,000 pieces of mirrors to act as the glimmering backdrop for their wonderful designs. Dior definitely embodies the glamour and the creativity with this fashion show and its decor.

Then, in second position is the Louis Vuitton show decor for his spring / summer 2012 collection at the Paris Fashion Week because they build a carousel design by accenting an all-white color scheme with pastel shades and playful décor. A breathtaking decor and is different from others.

In third place is the decor of the Chanel fashion show for the collection fall / winter 2008-2009 for the Paris fashion Week. A decor that perfectly matches the image of the brand using charm, pearls or brilliant design. This Paris Fashion Week set is a show how the brand which corresponds to the brand and mixes with chic and trendy perfection.

Finally, in fourth position is the decor of Alexander Mcquenn’s parade 2014-2015, known for unconventional, dramatic style, and this fashion show set was no exception: An ominous enchanted forest aesthetic with a dusky color palette accented with forest greens and mud browns. This decor totally embraces Mcqueen personality.

Océane Fiaschi