The story of the creation of the tweed jacket by Chanel

The story of the creation of the tweed jacket by Chanel

When we mention the fashion house Chanel, we automatically think of two iconic inventions : the quilted handbag or « the tweed ».

Indeed, the iconic tweed can come in form of a jacket, dress, skirt or even used on handbags.


For its creation, Coco chanel was primarly inspired by menswear while by chance borrowing some clothes of her beau, the duke of Westminster.

Her first impression was immeditaely positif. She thought that the fabric was so comfortable to wear and had an outstanding quality, criterias that would fit perfectly with her new designs.

The tweed jacket was then created : “Four real pockets, braid in matching tones or contrasting, buttons stamped with the symbol of the house, and especially, new for the period, no buttons without button holes. Finally, sewn into the silk lining, a delicate chain to ensure that the jacket falls perfectly. A revolution.”

We can conclude that the tweed jacket has become a timeless piece that has been reinterpreted many ways through the years and still will be.

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Stacey Parkinson


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