The Spirit TEA SALON Dalloyau

The Spirit TEA SALON Dalloyau

Paris is often associated with outdoor cafés and coffee and wine culture. As surprising as it seems, there are great spots in Paris where one could stop and enjoy some tea savouring. Tea enters the French history in the 17th century by becoming the regular drink of the French Royal court in the under the reign of the Sun King.

Louis XIV was one of the first lovers of French tea and the latter was known for for drinking copious amounts of tea. It quickly became very popular among the aristocracy and was associated with royalty, leisure, and wealth.

In 1820, when tea became essential in the bourgeoisie, Antoine-Etienne Dalloyau opened the first Parisian tea salon at the prestigious address of 101 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré where 18 years earlier, his father opened the “House of Gastronomy”. Initially frequented by the male clientele for social, literary, or political events, the “Salon de Thé DALLOYAU” soon welcomed women who love this convenient place to go freely.

Since this time, DALLOYAU became a tea brewer, who constantly search for taste and excellence. Selecting a tea, a product full of traditions, legends and history is a real challenge and through its research, Maison DALLOYAU has chosen a range of great classics: green or black teas from Asia, natures or flavoured with touches of fruits, spices and plants, for a unique tasting.


Photos credits : Dalloyau



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