The significant development of luxury brands in Europe

The significant development of luxury brands in Europe

In the last years, there was a boom in luxury houses coming to Europe. However, in some parts of the continent, luxury houses are still minimally present and remained disinterested by certain countries.


In the first case, there has been many new concept stores as well as shopping villages in the recent years that offer many luxury stores, vintage gems, as well as design products.




La Vallée village, Paris.


In some of the most fashionable cities of Europe, people can find everything a shopaholic needs to fulfil his/her needs. Shopping villages will not only save you time and energy, but also offer you luxury/high-end products for affordable prices.






In the second case however, luxury stores are still very limited in many countries in Europe, such as in the Balkans. Many major cities try to experiment with concept stores, which make luxury more accessible in countries by presenting many high-end and luxury brands in one place. These can be found in Lisboa, Berlin, Prague, and many other places.






Simple concept store in Prague aims to bring the biggest names of French fashion together in a modern interpretation of a concept store.





Nad’a Chrenková







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