The school of Van Cleef

The school of Van Cleef

van-cleef-arpels-luxury-school-04Created in 2012, the Van Cleef and Arpel School is dedicated to the watch making and jewelry work. This school is for people who wants to be more aware of this mysterious sector and to share a know how in this field. The aim is to initiate souls to this exceptional work.

 It is not a technical teaching; you will not become a watchmakevan-cleef-arpels-luxury-school-02r by attending this school. There are three steps: discover the art; educate the taste and the eye and the knowledge of materials.

Classes are available in English and in French and are given Place Vendome. It is divides in three modules called disclose, enlight and reveal. Students can join every module that they want but two modules have to be taken to join the last one. (600 to 950 euros per module)

 Since two years the school attract 2.200 students over the world and from different ages. The supreme goal for the brand is to encourage vocation to work in the jewelry market.


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