The saharian of Yves Saint Laurent

The saharian of Yves Saint Laurent

In the history there are a lot of cases where army garments such as the katiuskas or gabardines have become a must have in our wardrobes. in this case, I talk about a garment that exist in all basic wardrobes: the saharian.

the saharian jacket, was used originally by the English army in India at the beginning of the 19th century. this jacket was inspired in the shirts of the pijamas but with beige or green-olive colours to allow militars to be more discrete.

Ernest Hemingway made this jacket popular in 1933 when he weared it in a safary he made in África in 1933.Moreover, in the 50s and 60s this jacket was out of the militar atmosphere when Peter O’Toole in Lawrence de Arabia or Robert Redfort in Out of Africa made this jacket turn into the saharian jacket

Yves Saint Laurent came up with the trench, the esmoquin… through his career broke the limits because he came up with women garments that belonged to the males world before such as the smoquin. it was in spring of 1968 when Monsieur Saint Laurent made od this male saharian jacket, the sexiest garment for women.

Yves Saint Laurent used to say that a good design could last 10 years. But in this case, the saharian jacket of Yves Saint Laurent has survived even more because even 50 years later each designer propose this garment with varieties in their collections.




Alicia Queralt

Alicia QUeralt