The rebirth of Courrèges

The rebirth of Courrèges

The House Courrèges was founded in 1961, in Paris, France, by André and Coqueline Courrèges. The brand is mainly known as the French inventor of the mini-skirt, just after Mary Quant created it in the United Kingdom. Its modernity seduced for among others Catherine Deneuve, Twiggy or Brigitte Bardot. Courrèges produced Haute-Courture, Ready-to-Wear and fragrances, and became famous thanks to the collection intituled “The Moon Girl” in 1964. But since its beginnings, the brand diversifies itself more and more: from electric cars to surf boards, and from ski equipments to rain boots. And after all, it lost a bit of its soul.


In the early 80’s, the brand looses little by little its notoriety, mainly because of its new shareholders. First, bought by L’Oréal, the half of the capital of Courrèges is then rebought by a Japanese group. Suddenly a minor shareholder, André Courrèges looses the control of his own brand. All these changes lead the brand to abandon the Haute-Couture in 1995, when the Courrèges family finally bought back all the society. Coqueline Courrèges takes herself the Artistic Direction, and focus on the Ready-to-Wear. The daughter of the couple created at the same time the “Café Blanc”.


Years after years, with a nostalgic feeling, the House Courrèges decides to bring back its best sellers and key models, and launches again the Haute-Couture in 2002. Little by little, the turnover of the brand increases thanks to all the effort of Coqueline Courrèges herself, but is, unfortunately, still overdrawn. In 2010, after long negotiations, it is the two owners of the advertising agency Young & Rubicam, Jacques Bungert and Frédéric Torloting that bought all the shares of the brand. It is a brand new departure for the historic brand.

The two new directors of the brand have nothing to do with the fashion industry. But Fashion and Advertising have a big common point: the creativity. And a fresh new breath of creativity, this was precisely what Courrèges needed.


So after being closed for years, the Café Blanc re-opened its doors on 2013, while the Boutique located just the door next the Café was still on renovation. It is the Chef Alain Ducasse who is now in charge of all the patisseries of the Café. The re-design of the Café looks really timeless and takes the clients back to the 60’s: the years of the creation of the brand.

The main Boutique located at 40, rue François Premier on the 8th arrondissement was also entirely changed, to push forward the feeling of a new birth. After being closed for years, it just re-opened on September 2014. The futuristic side is still there, as the entire store looks literally like a white spaceship. Modern materials, a very strong white lighting in all the pure space. Entering in the store consists in a unique experience on itself. In the aura and in this pure and timeless space, only the bright clothes bring some touches of colors. The eyes are instantly attracted by the range of the vinyl jackets, arranged according to the colors of the rainbow. All the pieces are organized by shades of colors. The sixties spirit spreads from the store.

And to enhance the creative aspect of the brand, a new Pop-Up Store opened as well Rue François Premier. The Pop-Up Store presents all the accessories of the brand: from shoes to sunglasses, presenting also new kinds of products such as notebooks, bags, branded t-shirts with fluorescent colors… This store really shows the creativity and the desire of being a new modern and fun brand, ready for a new start.

Aurore Pielucha


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