The origin of Luxury in France

The origin of Luxury in France

Luxury industry of France was born in the late 18th century, the costume designer of Queen Marie Antoinette, Rose Bertin(1747-1813), was a well-known fashion designer. In 1770, Rose Bertin had a workshop providing clothing design for nobles, in 1772, she became the costume designer of Queen Marie Antoinette. Her luxury tactics won the favor of Queen Marie and was nicknamed as a minister of fashion department. She subverted the concept in the past that fashion designers are not public figures, becoming a noble celebrity, winning a reputation of “fashion ambassador”.


She ordered silk from Lyon, tailoring and embroidering in Paris. It can be said that this is the beginning of high-end fashion designer career. In the Second Empire, Haute couture trend was gradually formed, Paris has since become a fashion capital!



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