Sometimes there is a moment where you cannot describe or even translate a scents to a language. For example, what is the scents of a champagne? It is hard to describe, isn’t it? Sometimes all we need is the reminder of other senses. Biologically, we respond to aroma in a very powerful way that is very unlike to how we respond to words, images, and sounds. The word of a burger may get your attention but smelling one, makes me hungry.


Researchers at Harvard University have invented a way to translate a text messages and pictures into a distinct smells using a device called Ophone, developed by the company Vapor Communications based in Paris and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ophone allows users to text scents or in the other word sending each other scent which is may be a better way to communicate emotions than simply using words or even emoticons. Although we might be thinking that it is a phone, it is in fact a device that connects to a phone that allows people to share the scents of probably “anything.”

It works with a mobile messaging application that let you take a picture and tag it with over three hundred thousands possibility scents and send it as an Onote to your friend. When you receive an Onote, you play it and your phone and you smell the scents that your friend sent via Onote through the Ophone.


It is definitely a huge innovation regarding to the perfumery industry which is one of the last industry untouched by the self-creation that the digital world has made possible. And also it is a good marketing for the perfumery industry to show to the customer the scent instead of the picture of its bottle through the internet.

Imagine all the possibilities of this new innovation of technology can quickly change our life. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but know a scent is worth a thousand pictures.


Darell Ferhostan Photographer
Luxury is a Desire