The new boutique to try

The new boutique to try

Hermès opening its first perfume store. In a

In light décor reminiscent of classic and luxury codes of the house. The artist from Brooklyn, Daniel Gordon, celebrates nature and its beauty in a series of colourful digital works while the classic fragrances of the house are exposed on the furniture. Horse carriage gardens through the inevitable Terre d’Hermès or the Hermesssences poetic, everything is there. A bath room, dressed in grey marble, has even been devised to prolong the pleasure.

To celebrate the opening of this 100m2 store, Hermes offers an exclusive candle origami “The Shop around the Corner”.

 hermes perfumeee perfume hermes

Hermès Parfumerie Brookfield Place 225,
Liberty Street
New York

Julie Haquette

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