The most expensive items sold at auctions – going once, going twice…sold!

The most expensive items sold at auctions – going once, going twice…sold!

There are several famous auction houses in the world, which promise to offer you the rarest pieces of all, for the highest cost you are willing to bid. Among these pieces are not only well known paintings, but also pottery, clothing, jewelry, as well as furniture. The history of auctions is very rich, proposing one of a kind items to buy, if you belong to the few lucky ones who can afford to do so. Here is a list of the several most expensive auction pieces ever sold:

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Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress sold for 1.267.500 dollars in 1999. The dress, which became famous by Monroe wearing it at the birthday party of President Kennedy in 1962. In this dress, Marilyn sang her famous “Happy Birthday” tribute to the former President, and according to a myth, she was not wearing anything under it. Thus, the dress became to have a great value, for what it originally was a 12,000 dollar dress.






The second item is from the category of art, a painting by Pablo Picasso. The Nude, Green Leaves and Bust was sold at 106.5 million dollars in 2010. It took only around 8 minutes to settle the price for this item dating back to 1932, which Christie’s managed to sell for a record price. This art piece broke the former record for the highest auction price for an art piece, which was a sculpture Walking Man I by Giacometti. This piece was sold for 106.5 million dollars.





The third and the last example dates back to 2002, when the most expensive Lock of Hair was sold. Such pieces do not make us doubt about the nature of the items being offered at auctions – profit can be made out of almost anything. The winning bid for this unusual and rather insane auction item was 115,000 dollars and the piece of hair belonged to Elvis Presley. His tresses outperformed other very famous celebrity hairs such as Beethoven (sold for 7,300 dollars), or John Lennon (sold for 48, 000 dollars).


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