The most expensive appartement in the world

The most expensive appartement in the world

The Odeon Tour, is a skyscraper of 49 floors finished building now after 5 years of construction, in the principality of Monaco. It is the second tallest tower (170 m) of Europe Mediterranean coast, after Grand Hotel Bali, in Spain. This prestigious skyscraper includes private apartments and other apartments owned by the state of Monaco, only meant for monegasque.

The added service that you can benefit by living in this kind of building are sensational. There is a valet that can park your car at the entrance of the tour, there is also a shuttle service, free parking on ten levels, a spa of 1500 square meters, hair salon, dog-sitter, a pressing and so on..


“Pour Monaco, c’est l’affaire du siècle, l’affaire la plus importante depuis la préhistoire. » says Claudio Marzocco, PDG of the Marzocco group.

At the top, a sky penthouse of 3,300 square meters on five floors, with a big pool, a toboggan, a luxury and modern design and offers a stunning view over the Mediterranean. This penthouse is on sale for more than 300 millions €, which is gives 91.000€ the square meter, which makes it the most expensive appartement in the world.

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                                                     Marta Rubesa