The luxury and ecology are they made to be together ?

The luxury and ecology are they made to be together ?

Green or ethical consumer has become a new trend. Luxury therefore begins to green, it is first Marc Jacobs which begins with the line “Save my pole “, Louis Vuitton continues with a leather vegetal bag project and fish skin, not forgetting the prestigious jewellers working to make flawless diamond and gold chains from an ethical point of view. The level of demand and inventiveness of luxury in terms of ecology and sustainable development has never been so high. Some, LVMH, PPR and L’ Oréal, did not wait for the excessive media coverage of the phenomenon to establish an ambitious sustainable development policy.

But the most iconic brand in terms of ecology remains Stella McCartney, who uses no fur, no leather animals , collections are entirely crafted in agreement with ecology. This did not prevent the brand to succeed in the luxury industry while respecting the nature, animals and the conditions of manufacture of its collections.


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Manon Le Corre.