The Influencers

The Influencers

When, in the nineteenth century, Louis Vuitton put forward the fact that the Empress Eugénie was a customer of his shop on Boulevard Haussmann, he already used the support of an influential personality as a marketing strategy.

In 2008, luxury brands seized the importance of the phenomenon and catch these influencers to win new customers and expand their sales. During the first years, the relationship remains distant and incidental. But the results are there and the brands are beginning to measure the impact of these new digital figures and then begin to approach this channel in a more structured way.

A new ecosystem is being set up. The bloggers have a team, an agent. Brands call on specialized agencies and blogging becomes a real business.

The brands have now taken the magnitude of the phenomenon and are setting up ambitious and lasting collaborations with new personalities. L’Oréal Paris is calling on Kristina Bazan to be her muse, alongside Eva Longoria … Meanwhile, Maybelline is asking the YouTubeuse Enjoy Phoenix to host a show dedicated to makeup on YouTube every week …