The iconic Burberry Trench coat

The iconic Burberry Trench coat




Burberry, the great british fashion house nowadays a great reference in the fashion industry for associating in a brilliant way luxury and the digital field.

We are going to take a closer look to its roots.

Established in 1856, Burberry owes primarly its success to a great invention that Thomas Burberry created in 1879 : the gabardine (now known as the trench coat).

Originally designed, to be weared by officers while raining and to protect them against the wind. The water resistant fabric was a phenemon at that time. The first major client of the trench coat was actually the British Army. It became an emblematic piece of the history moment of the World War.



Then Burberry decided to add shoulder straps and metal rings to the gabardine. This is when the actual « Trench coat » was established.

Since then, the trench coat has been inspired and gained popularity among artists, stars and multiple fashion houses. Different colours and modeles have been created.

The ultimate trench coat stays a timeless unique and chic fashion statement piece.



Stacey Parkinson

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