The iconic blue box “Tiffany and CO.

The iconic blue box “Tiffany and CO.

It already-have-been 178 years of the US brand, Tiffany and Co That are popular in the market. With icts elegant, classy, ​​modern design and the mix element of American style Bringing Tiffany as one of the exclusive brand That Easily reach peoples.

Not only the signing-have-been created ict design, unique Reviews another of tiffany is icts signing of blue box packaging.

Tiffany 1The world has-been enthralled with the distinctive Tiffany Blue Box since the Very Beginning. It was Charles Lewis Tiffany Who mandated que la coveted boxes. Tiffany Blue Boxes make hearts beat faster, and epitomize Tiffany’s great heritage of elegance, exclusivity and flawless craftsmanship.

Tiffany 4The emphasis, A white satin ribbon tied it at the counter to sign the blue box. The name “Tiffany & Co are embossed in. The color, It is more protected color in branding. The box, make pantone blue-coated paper packaging for Tiffany.



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