The History of Champagne – Dom Pérignon

The History of Champagne – Dom Pérignon

Since the earliest days of Christianity till the 17th century the wine production in Champagne region was dedicated to still red and rosé wines. Thanks to the specifics of the soil and climate in this area, the sparkle in the wine appears in a natural way during the fermentation process.

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At 16th-15th century the “bubbles” in the wine were considered as the characteristic of poor wine making. Only after the death of Louis XIV in 1715 the sparkling version of Champagne become popular among the French aristocracy.

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Although the monk Dom Pérignon is not the inventor of the Champagne, he invented significant techniques that are still used in making Champagne today. By trying to get rid of the sparkle of his Champagne, he came out with the art of blending, he developed the techniques used to make white wine from red wine grapes as well as begun to use stronger bottles.

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