Boucheron 1920

French family dynasty founded by Frederic Boucheron in 1858 , Boucheron house has always managed to maintain a level of excellence . Artisan and talented artist , Mr Boucheron was also a very good businessman and was the first jeweler to settle on the Place Vendome in Paris in 1893. He chose the sunniest location instead. He thought that thus, the diamonds displayed in the windows would shine even more brightly.

The heart of the house ? Quality gemstone passion. Indeed, the secret of Boucheron lies in the way its artisans showcase the natural beauty of the stones. By selecting the size and metalworking , Boucheron jewelers reveal the hidden soul stone to the world by exposing her perfect beauty.

 The house is also inspired by nature to create her jewelry . Use of flora and fauna to achieve populated collections of snakes, frogs, chameleons , dragonflies , owls, birds and cats. The symbol representing the House of Boucheron for years is one of the most provocantess and most perfect creatures of nature: the snake.


Frédéric Boucheron will die in 1902 , leaving behind one of the largest houses in the world of jewelry . His son, Louis Boucheron became head of the house and continues to develop the brand internationally by opening a shop in Moscow. His passion for traveling will lead him to India , which never cease to inspire in his creations. Besides these custom creations, he is inspired wristwatches created by his father in 1947 to launch the ultra-thin watches with interchangeable strap



At his death in 1959 , Gerard Boucheron is now the sole heir of the house Boucheron, which perpetuates the know-how and values ​​name in the manner of his ancestors . It draws diversescivilisations to create colorful jewels crimped emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and rubies on a yellow gold mesh , gray or pink.

Alain will be Chairman of Boucheron jewelry house from 1977 to 2000. He perpetuates the image of jeweler emphasizing the novelty and diversity of styles but will venture in 1988, in the world of perfume by creating a fragrance named ” Boucheron ” . In 2006, Boucheron collaborated with Alexander McQueen and creates the Novak bag in which the brand joined the collection snake “Trouble” .


In 2008, the famous mark its 150th anniversary and launches a unique opportunity for the clamp to one of the founders of the brand themes: the Mystery .


Today Boucheron, with its 34 boutiques around the world, with a rich heritage and luxurious creations, keeps exceptional image and is among the most prestigious jewelry houses of the planet.



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