The History behind Shalimar Perfume

The History behind Shalimar Perfume

Shalimar is a Legend, Guerlain is its perfume.

Discover the history behind the iconic perfume of Guerlain.

Created by the french parfumeur Guerlain in 1925. Shalimar is the best seller perfume of the Guerlain house, a very particular fragrance, with a deed and voluptuous juice made out of Guerlinade, a very sensual and spicy scent. This perfume was inspired by the Indian princess Mumtaz Mahal, whose lover the emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj-Mahal palace and the Shalimar gardens, in India, in honor of her amazing beauty. This love story  is one of the most beautiful legend of India, and inspired Guerlain to create this fragrances, the fragrance of love and oriental beauty. This was a huge success, and it is still one of the most sold perfume worldwide nowadays.


Manon Cattaneo


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