The Gucci Memory Game!

The Gucci Memory Game!

One of the great ideas of Alessandro Michele at Gucci was to bring to fashion the embroided appliqués, more precisely on the Dionysus handbags. What everyone is saying is that he gave a brand new twist on the classics, and he did it including cute patterns on the monogrammed accessory that was starting to get too boring for our time. Visionary as he is, Michele was able to increase the desire to consume Gucci.



So all Gucci needs is to find a way to get these consumers’ attention to their products, for when they’ll be ready to make this investment. And that’s how they came up with the strategy of modernizing the brand app, which has been around since 2011, but just had a very nice upgrade.



In the interface, images of the current campaign, the one photographed in Tokyo, with subtitle. But the main change is in functionality, with DIY Game, a little game created by Gucci that works like a memory game. Considering that much of the world’s population has surrendered to cell phone games, a lot of people should at least try the game, breaking the stigma that branded that mobile apps are useless.



Because the game seems to be very dynamic: you shake the phone to activate the game’s function, which according to the Luxury Daily was inspired by another popular Chinese social networking app in China, WeChat. For three seconds, the image of a Dionysus bag appears on the screen of the cell phone, with several embroidered appliques. After that time the bag has its appliqués removed and it is up to the user to remember them all within a list with the Gucci collection. If you get it right, the user receives a virtual patch, which can be sent to his friends via social networks.


It’s not a rebate to wear on the brand and not even a voucher to trade for a real sconce, but it’s a virtual Gucci sketch, and people seem to be pretty satisfied with it. The idea is not only to please those who do not resist mobile games, but to enhance the presence of these new icons. If a person who loves Gucci sends their patch to someone who has no idea what that is, it is already a way to plant the seed, and we know that this seed grows and turns into a giant tree in the future!



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