The Green Carpet collection

The Green Carpet collection

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Fine jewellery is not immune to problems related to ethics and sustainable development. In recent years, especially after the movie Blue Diamond, customers are interested in the origin of precious stones and gold, as well as artisans working conditions.

With Eco Age help, Chopard launches its first jewellery collection, basis of ethical gold. This range is called Green Carpet and is presented for the first time at the Cannes 2013 festival.

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Eco Age and Chopard sign a contract with the alliance for responsible mining ARM and with two suppliers located in Peru and Colombia. ARM is an NGO that defends the interests and well being of communities involved in small artisanal mines. And both mines must exercise their activities according to specific rules, child labour is prohibited and artisans receive a fair remuneration. The Swiss company purchase their entire annual production.

Julie Latour

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