The Golden cupcake

The Golden cupcake

Real phenomenon of culinary trend, cupcake never stops to amaze.

Dolci Bakery, based in Toronto, specialized in all types of cakes, responding to on measures requests of its customers.


This is what happened to them, a man asked to make a special dessert for the birthday of his wife, a fan of cupcake.The team of pastry has floundered on a preparation from ingredients among the most expensive in the world, like Champagne Krug Collection, gold leaf 24k or Courvoisier Cognac limited edition, and we must say that the result is staggering.

Golden Cupcake

This cupcake becomes the most expensive in history, sold for $900 (672 euros).

Here is the complete list of ingredients used to make the famous cupcake:

  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee
  • Honey Rosewood Estate
  • Sea salt from the Camargue
  • Cocoa powder Valrhona
  • Sugar Organic Cane
  • Tahitian Vanilla Beans
  • Custard-based Krug Collection
  • Normandy Butter
  • Chocolate Amedei
  • Courvoisier Cognac limited edition
  • Dust and gold leaf 24K

Hugo Bourgeois

Hugo Bourgeois










“Luxury means to live free of conventions and expectations.” – Anton Wolfgang Count Faber-Castell.

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