The First Lady Of DIOR

The First Lady Of DIOR

From the long line of men creative director of Dior such as Kriss Van Assche, with the big phenomenon of John Galliano, to the Raf Simons, here comes the first lady at Dior. Landed from Valentino, Maria Grazia Chiuri who has Roman roots, is expected to make a movement at the very high-profile job at the venerable fashion house.

Ms. Chiuri, the daughter of a dressmaker, will design haute-couture, ready-to-wear and accessory collections. Chiuri called the opportunity “ a great honor” in a statement obtained by the publication. “ I measure the tremendous responsibility of being the first woman in charge of a house so deeply footed in the pure expression of femininity,” she said.” The endless wealth of its heritage continues to be constant source of inspiration for fashion and I cannot wait to express my own vision.”

At the Dior ready-to-wear Spring Summer 2017 collection which is Ms. Chiuri debut and one of the most anticipated event in fashion industry, a t-shirt on the Dior catwalk announced “We should all be feminists” which proclaimed DIO(R)EVOLUTION. The message for the Dior faithful around the world was upheaval and growth. “I want to create fashion that resembles the women of today,” she further elaborated, “fashion that corresponds to their changing needs, freed from the stereotypical categories of masculine and feminine.”

What is very alluring was a show that was a clean break from her past and her ancestors, yet also steeped in her pretty brand of femininity: her elegant floor-sweeping silhouettes, matched with a masculine street-influenced toughness. Apart from her magical creation of Dior, there were similarities with her creation of Valentino, such as: lightest tulle skirts strewn in illustrative doodles, zodiac signs and romantic heart embroideries. But however it might become, it is the same hand after-all.


Darell Ferhostan Photographer
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