The world of our generation has never been so uncertain, a climate of uncertainty, anxiety about terrorism, an economic crisis that has continued since 2008.

The outlook does not seem more open in the world of fashion.
Few decades have seen so many different currents, without anything new, with the exception of techno-sewing which adapts to all demands.

Though it could only remain a dream. With more than 500 collections per season the international fashion market remains less and less clear and customers become more and more bored.

Indeed, we note a general weariness since the years 2000. Or that we go, everything seems identical, the same stores, the same objects. The quest for the item that stands out is akin to a butterfly hunt.

One notices then, a more realistic fashion left straight from the street.
No more skeletal mannequins, today we meet normal mannequins on the catwalk, advertisers no longer hesitate to take “normal” faces like DOVE.

Henceforth, one becomes aware that the pace is not a question of age.
Houses like Céline and Saint Laurent did not hesitate to choose “grannies cool” by making Joan Didion, 80 years and Joni Mitchell 71 years their giants.

Iris Apfel became at the age of 94 a fashion icon, brands like MAC – H & M – Le Bon marché or DS3 chose to embody this new trend of age without taboo.
His style was even exhibited at the Metropolitan Musean in New York in 2006.

If fashion is as much democratizing, the internet is not for nothing.
With the arrival of the Internet, a new profession is installed in the world of fashion.

They photograph, they expose, they criticize, they chase the latest trends, they are now invited to the front rows of fashion shows, they have more influence on fashion than the usual media, they write in transparency.


This is perhaps the most interesting element, with the internet everyone says freely what he thinks of a collection, a clothing or a creator.
Unknown products, even unimaginable can become cults in one night thanks to the internet.
But internet can be the cause of this uncertain world in which we live and destroy careers (John Galliano and his anti-Semitic remarks in a Parisian restaurant, Kate Moss and his video or it takes cocaine) or image of brands (Fendi And the fur scandal at the parade in 2016).


valentine Perreaux

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