The fashion industry loses Cara Delevingne

The fashion industry loses Cara Delevingne

A new career

Cara Delevingne, one of the most powerful models in the world, with more than 23 million followers on Instagram renounced to her model career. Actually, she says that the fashion industry makes her sick, with all fashion shows, flights and drugs. She also been separated from her family and doesn’t have enough time for herself. The 23 years old British woman decided to focus on her actress career. In fact, she was the main character of “Paper towns” and she will be present on other many movies for 2016.


Cara is not gone

But we all see that Cara announced it at the beginning of the summer but she has been present during fashion show on September especially at the Chanel Airlines Show nearby Karl Lagerfeld. Is she regretted her choice? We don’t know at this time, but what we know is that she stays the favorite of the most powerful creator in luxury. We know also that Cara leaves her career but not her youth, she continues to be present at famous party with her best friend Rihanna or Kendall Jenner.


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