The famous Petrus

The famous Petrus

First owned by the Arnaud family who had the curious idea to name this place the name of the first Pope, Petrus, the area is partly bought by Ms. Loubat in 1925 and acquired by it in its entirety in 1945.

Petrus’s rise is related to the tenacity and ambition of the woman who will become the sole owner in 1945. But the vineyard is in a sad state. She entrusts Petrus at a genius winemaker : Jean-Pierre Moueix. In a few years Petrus will reach new heights. It is served in 1947 at the wedding of Elizabeth, the future Queen of England and later i twill be served at the White House, Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and many other Americans do Petrus their favorite wine.

Nowadays, Jean-François Moueix (the son of Jean-Pierre Moueix) owns Petrus and his other son, Christian, the manager.


Aurore Wehling


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