The factor of Burberry’s success

The factor of Burberry’s success

Burberry has been established 150 years ago. But why they can attract many people, even if it stands on the luxury industry for many years?

Burberry advanced adoption of technology, being the rooted for the company. First, holding the first live fashion show via mobile device. Second, setting up many speakers and the screams in the Burberry House, when customers close to the product, mirror will be transferred to the scream, playing the catwalk clip of the products.


Moreover, Burberry humble themselves, building a communication platform, there are customer services will contact you within twenty seconds. Besides, using social medias to appeal more customers, like: puting exclusive pictures on Instagram, and watching the live fashion show on the Youtube channel. What Burberry do is, understanding the behavior of the customers and keep up with them.



Hsu Ya Han

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