The evolution of Kenzo

The evolution of Kenzo

Kenzo is a Fashion and perfume brand well known since decades. But the brand has passed to Kenzo Takada Haut-couture to the trendy brand of LVMH.

Mr. Takata created the brand in 1964 in Paris. He’s from Himeji, Japan and studied at Bunka Fashion College. It was his dream to become a creator, especially in Paris. He built an empire with a surprising fashion show and a strong brand identity. In fact, he brought to Paris poetry, freshness, acid colors, a wind of freedom, miscegenation, and exoticism between East and West.

Kenzo Takata sends the brand to LVMH in 1993, twenty-nine years after the creation. Then, he left the house in 1999 to become a painter and a house designer. What happened became the brand with LVMH?

The brand, which formerly aimed the sensual, elegant and original women, turns now to a younger public. The group LVMH re-modernizes the image of the Kenzo, makes it more accessible by lowering the prizes and addresses it more to millennials. From now on it is the Kenzo perfumes which are the most profitable for the brand.

So, what will be the future of the brand in 20 years?


Alice Gobert

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