The evolution of Comfort

The evolution of Comfort

Clothing nowadays

Everybody knows that fashion right now is miles away from what it used to be. Many designers and couturiers have contributed to the transformation of style over the years.

Let’s start our tour of history in the late 1800’s. Fashion back then, especially for women, was not something to be comfortable in. The big skirts and the tight corsets made many day-to-day tasks for women impossible.

1800's fashion

One woman whom we all know has contributed to the first and most important evolution in female fashion. It was the vision of Gabrielle Chanel. She freed women from their corsets and even let them ride horses in actual trousers.

Comfort in fashion evolved further and a hop in time takes us to the famous Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent. He was the first High Couturier to create the trousers and a tuxedo for the everyday woman. A big shock bag then, but wildly successful up to today.

Saint Laurent Tuxedo

Today’s fashion puts comfort first with the use of comfortable fabrics and comfortable fits. Oversized clothing is considered fashionable and boyfriend jeans is something that has taken over the fashion world multiple time.

 Looking back to what women used to wear, our world today is completely different and we could not imagine our lives without our comfortable clothing nowadays. A big thank you to those who revolutionized fashion for us.

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Anne Claessens

Anne Claessens

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