The everchanging image of fashion: then to now

The everchanging image of fashion: then to now

Although it may not seem that way, fashion changes every day. New inspiration, looks and influences are taking the street. However, much of this inspiration comes from fashion eras of the past. So many fashion trends are influenced by the last 100 years. So let us take a look at the image of fashion from 1900 to 2000.

After big dresses, tight corsets and restricted forms, the 20’s brought some fun and flirt to fashion. The hemlines became shorter and the necklines lower. This and the slimmer silhouettes allowed women to show off their body more than ever.

Whilst recovering from the great depression, the cinema became a new escape. The movie stars had glamorous gowns and tailored skirt suits. People of course wanted to copy this style that was long and lean.

Still recovering from the military looks and box shapes, the New Look by Christian Dior made its appearance. Introducing tiny waists and full skirts, women gained back the female figure that had not been seen in a long time.

The elegance of the New Look didn’t disappear in the later 50’s but the style changed a little to geometric suits, sheath dresses and circle dresses. The biggest influence of style at that time was Jackie O.

In the 60’s mini-dresses entered the scene and outfits consisted of bold and colorful patterns. In the late 60’s and 70’s hippie fashion took over. Disco music and dance influenced the style of the loose fit, flowing maxi dresses and shimmering fabrics.

Madonna and other stars set a lot of fashion trends for the eighties. Bigger was better and this included bright makeup, big shoulder pads and eclectic looks. The 90’s already looked back at the 60’s and 70’s. Taking inspiration from that era, short skirts and square dresses were all the rage. Besides that minimalism became the new trend and also hip hop’s influence dominated fashion.

A hundred years seem like a long time, but if you see how the image of fashion has changed over those years, fashion has made quite the run. Check out the video above to see the fashion for 100 years.

Written by Claire Boerma


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