The etiquettes when you are drinking wine

The etiquettes when you are drinking wine

When you begin to understand the wine, having proper wine etiquettes is appropriate for all the occasions, especially in the formal occasion. So let’s talk about how to drink wine.MMFC6778-by-E.-Kheraj

Hold the glass

The proper way to hold the glass is by the stem with index finger and thumb. Because the temperature of the hand will warm chilled wine faster, so do not hold the globe of the wine glass.

Smell and taste

Let the wine breath for an hour after you uncorked the wine. Doing a small swirl of wine, then take a deep sniff of the wine. Next, you can enjoy your wine, but be careful, before you swallow the wine, letting them linger in your mouth .

Red and white wRed-Wine-Wallpaper-650x406ine

Traditionally, white wine is served with some lighter meal, like fish, chicken or bread, and red wine is served with heavier meal, like pasta and beef.

Tasting wine is the most enjoy moment in the life, although there are some proper ways of drink wine, yet you also can enjoy whatever wine you love with whatever food you prefer.


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