The eternity of LOUIS VUITTON

The eternity of LOUIS VUITTON



Louis Vuitton is one of the most successful luxury brand. If we look back in its history, It was originally run with family business which was doing a the craft of trunk. It is with the simple logo “LV” , but what make the differentiate are the elegance, creativity, innovation with the alignment of tradition that was deliver through its bags.

LV trunks

At the beginning LV trunk was so popular as it have known by its quality, light weight ,nice design. Louis Vuitton have always been as an innovative ,creative which is the important allowing them to  follow the market change. One of the important factor is its know-how.

Until today ,Louis Vuitton is developed and extended its line which not only mainly focus on bags and accessories ,there is also extend to shoe ,ready to wear and watch and jewelry which still maintaining its highest quality.


louis-vuitton (2)

What make LV come so far is not only the highest quality its offered but also the strongest image that are still continuing as it said that ” It was started and have known by its qualiy, brand power is also from heritage and tradiion of the brand that was build since 1854 and these are unestimatable , therefore It has to control all the process in order to keep the image of the brand.



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