London, September 2004 something new appeared in the fashion scene.

Rei Kawakubo Creative director of the fashion empire of COMME des GARCONS and her husband Mr Joffe CEO of COMME des GARCONS Intl revealed a new concept.

Adrian Joffe, CEO of COMME des GARCONS and Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market, the in between department store and concept store, appears to be the nightmare of Colette and the giant Selfridges.

Dover Street Market is a luxury bazaar, a place where fashion becomes an experience with an on going atmosphere of beautiful chaos, the kind of market where various creators from various fields gather together and encounter each other according to Mrs Kawakubo.

After every season the shop closes for a few days to recreate a new atmosphere, reborn from its ashes.

The successful market then opened branches around the world, after London, Tokyo, Beijng, and the biggest one opened on December 2013 in New York.

Dover Street Market is celebrating its 10 years anniversary this year, for this occasion an Instagram account was created – Before that, social media was just an option to them, and DSM is a unique experience.

Inside Dover Street Market London

Completely rebuilt from the inside, the London Branch, the iconic one, is having a celebration for a few months with exclusive collection and collaboration.

As Mrs Kawakubo said

“We hope to make DSM more and more interesting. I enjoy seeing all the customers coming to DSM dressed in their strong, good looking and individual way. I would like for DSM to be the place where fashion becomes fascinating.”

It sure is, when directed by this iconic and lady, with a vision of the world like no else.

Martin Auroyer

Luxury marketing student

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