The demand of experiences

The demand of experiences

The luxury industry pursues the objective of knowing how to transmit emotions and experiences in its brands. These are created in the long term, little by little, with effort and many years of work, even last generations. The mission is to excite and excite each year its customers, being the main way to create brand loyalty.

This industry needs to move in a parallel line with digital, experience and art. The luxury market is situated as an independent submarket, with a behavior different from that of the general market. Within Marketing and Branding in particular, it has carried out its specialization for the management of this type of brands.

Apart from the lower of the demand for common goods, the demand for luxury goods is always present. The main purpose of a luxury brand is not to grow in the number of sales, but to grow in value. But… How do brands achieve it? They grow in exclusivity.

Breaking the schemes, creating trend and inspiration. They focus their sales marginally through the Internet, tailor-made services on demand or limited editions of products. To achieve this exclusivity, they sacrifice quantity for quality, gaining in value.