The cult of anonymous by Maison Martin Margiela

The cult of anonymous by Maison Martin Margiela

Martin Margiela, founder ex designer of Maison Margiela, is very famous for two things: his particular graphic style that defines his house, and his face. Why? Because on the Internet, there is only one picture of him.

The Belgium designer is known for the fact that it is complicated –almost impossible- to take interview him, and take picture of him. Apparently, his designs would be related to this anonymous cult. With his techniques such as destruction, recycling and raw finishes, he wanted to redefine what Luxury was, is, and could be. Getting apart from the other designers of the Luxury world that way, he is also against the “mass culture”. But, this “faceless intrigue” is not only for Martin Margiela itself, but all of his employees, from the people working with him who all wear a white blouse at work, from the models on the runway that have masks to cover their faces.

The ex Hermes designer choose to keep anonymous his identity as much as possible so as people can focus on its company, his artisanal clothes and fashion. Nothing more, no public figure, just fashion designs.


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