Hall of mythical femininity and warm Parisian nights , Crazy Horse has established itself over the years as one of the key places of the capital , close to the Champs -Elysées . More than fifty years after its creation , the cabaret reinvents itself indefinitely on the inexhaustible theme of feminine sensuality …

On May 19, 1951 , Alain Bernardin , the Crazy Horse creates a cabaret where creation and sublimation of the female body are at the heart of the scene. False Personals strippers Crazy succeed under the lights to capsize, the time of a show, the heart of the audience. Erotic paintings are interspersed with traditional cabaret numbers, created by entertainers, magicians, ventriloquists or singers who take possession of the scene by the time the girls are preparing for the next act .

The 60s saw the emergence of the empowerment of women and of manners. The sexual revolution is on and the Crazy Horse , influenced by these cultural changes , captured these new societal codes to give a boost and modernity in his show. Each issue is then designed as an array , designed around a choreography, an atmosphere , a decor of a particular set of lights. This is the beginning of the legend of the Crazy Horse …

crazy horse paris

After the disappearance of Alain Bernardin , his children , Sophie , Pascal and Didier Bernardin take orders cabaret . On the occasion of its 50th anniversary in 2001, the Crazy Horse for the first time crosses the borders of France . Direction: Las Vegas! But in 2005 , the desire to change pushes the Bernardin family to sell the Crazy Horse. A new team takes over the controls to restore the tavern afloat, Andrée Deissenberg headed . The new Director General intends to retain all that has contributed to the legend of Crazy , while handing the creation at the heart of artistic projects. For Andrée Deissenberg , ” it should not revolutionize the Crazy but to develop it , to wake him , do it sparkle again .”

And to change the Crazy Horse , what better than to invite in his shows , famous women of talent and the art of incomparable camber ? It was in October 2006 as the first star of the cabaret crowd the scene : the sultry Dita Von Teese , international diva stripping and charming icon, inaugurates the new Crazy face by presenting for the first time on a public stage , a number of extraordinary sensuality. According to her, the shows will follow one another with guest star : Arielle Dombasle , Pamela Anderson, Clotilde Courau , Carmen Electra , Noémie Lenoir … and many others ignite the Crazy scene. Packed by this continuous renewal , the public whenever the appointment .


Ambitious and relentless work , the team cabaret insatiable appetite . In 2008, Philippe Decouflé , choreographer and dancer talent , is called to expand the repertoire of the house. His collaboration emerges is a modernity imbued show while still respecting the codes of Crazy : Desires . In March 2012, after hosting numerous ” Guest Creatures ” on his legendary stage , Crazy Horse opened the first ” Guest Creator” in its history, and not least the famous designer heels with red soles , Christian Louboutin , imagine four new paintings inspired universe as diverse as hip hop or master paintings .

To capsize the hearts of the spectators, the woman “Crazy” must embody the canon of beauty in all its splendour. The divine creatures are between 1.68 and 1.72 cm, sway their hips on long gams 2/3 compared to the bust, are equipped with a proud chest (and natural!), The two peaks are separated by 21 cm and have a belly button located 13 cm above the pubis. Among the “Golden rules” in order to claim the status of “Crazy Lady” requires more have excellent training in classical dance, be provided with an acting talent, be sophisticated and above all, to have personality. The dancers then endorse identity in a suit, real signature cabaret: a brown or blond wig cut square, the fringe gives a strong character and a half angel, half-demon with air lines of those perfect faces. Their lips are adorned with a red lip color and passion to their feet are inserted into heels could not be more giddy …

The Crazy Horse is a bubble, “a world apart” protected from the outside by two guards, a descending staircase and two swing doors behind which the soft red carpet felt the footsteps of visitors immersed in a warm light . Women will score double original toilets in the same cabin.

Waiters receive and then put the audience into that cocoon . It’s time for the appetizer . The glasses of champagne dance between tables. And suddenly , the room is plunged into total darkness … Let the show begin !

         Marie MARTINEZ


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