The coulourfull cupola of Chagal at Opera Garnier

The coulourfull cupola of Chagal at Opera Garnier

In September 23,1964 was the first time that the Opera Garnier’s audience could appreciate the new magnificent dome.

This project was carried out by the artist Marc Chagall, who worked during 1 year in this spectacular desing.

Around 220 square metres of oil on canvas to honour  renowned compositors such as Mozart, Wagner or Ravel, actors and dancers thorugh the rich colours that characterized Chagall.

Due to the big contrast between this modern Project and the aristocratic surrounding the new dome was not so well received when at first time. However, this great work became a benchmark because it incorporate modernism to the traditional French style. In fact, now it is one of the main attractions  of this building.



Alicia Queralt

Alicia QUeralt