The compelling charm of Chaumet and his history

The compelling charm of Chaumet and his history

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The history of Chaumet, founded in 1780 by Marie Etienne Nitot, is closely bound up with the history of France itself.                                                  

Chaumet has been placing its jewellers’ excellence at the service of outstanding timepieces, combining the meticulousness of Swiss tradition with its mastery of Parisian refinement.

Chaumet’s knowhow is embodied in every watch that emerges from the firm’s workshops (from its design through to its production).

The firm’s craftsmen fashion, polish and bejewel the timepieces Chaumet orologiocreated by the firm’s designers using traditional methods.

Over the centuries, it has successfully adapted, setting the Parisian trend with constant attention to quality, creativity and elegance. Chaumet makes its mark through its talent for combining the most daring watchmaking65 innovations with the immeasurable value of diamonds, rare gems and jealously guarded craftsmanship.

As a result, each and every Chaumet watch and jewel is a genuine masterwork of time!


Mila Degli Esposti

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