The best first class companies for planes.

The best first class companies for planes.

Airplane companies are today fighting to be the best for their demanding clientele. Each company has its own way of trying to win the loyalty of their prestigious clients.

Etihad has a brand new cabin; 11 square meters, which is the most spacious one in the field. This cabin has a private bathroom, a lounge where you can host a guest for a lunch and a bedroom for a couple.

Price: 17.500 euros for a simple fly from Abu Dhabi to London.



Lufthansa’s vision is a simple design but elegant and a personalized service. A hostess takes care of the client from the arrival of the client in the departure airport, to the flight and to the final destination. Every seat can be transformed into a real bed.

Price: 3.400 euros for a simple flight from Paris to New York.


Singapore Airlines’ main attribute is about the meals. Clients can choose over 60 high quality meals, with the most expensive and appreciated wines and champagnes in the intimate of their cabin, thanks to the sliding doors and stores.

Price: 8.400 euros from Paris to Singapore.

All Nippon Airways is the main transporter in Japan. Gastronomic meals, personalized services and all the wellbeing in small private cabins offer a very luxurious flight to all the clients.

Price: 6.500 euros from Paris to Tokyo.


Air France – La première has now since 2014 3 square meters cabins with a purify design. They have hired the 3 stars chief Guy Martin to elaboration the meals.

Price: 6.500 euros from Paris to Singapore

Emirates Suites includes private toilets, a minibar, and tactile tablets. First class clients can also access to the spa shower.

Price: 3.100 euros Paris-Dubaï

Those companies are now fighting the emerging of private jets.


Awa Ndoye


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