Amaury Guichon, God of chocolate

Amaury Guichon, God of chocolate

The American dream… Some only dream it, some fail on the way, but some succeed.

Born in France, Amaury Guichon left for the United States with a dream of becoming one of the best pastry chef on the continent.

4 years of study and several won pastry contests were all that was enough for him to take off to other side of the planet, and show American people what french talent is.


Everything started with a chef father, who taught him great cuisine and savoir-faire. The young Amaury then got the opportunity to work for Lenôtre and Hugo & Victor, where he developed a strong passion for pastry.

He then ran as a contestant in the french TV Show “Qui sera le meilleur pâtissier”, and finished third of the competition.

That’s when he made the decision of leaving everything he knew in France to travel to Las Vegas, discover the clientele and make a living of his passion, in America.


He specialized in chocolate, and now creates astonishing pieces of work, entirely made of chocolate, mixing passion and talent.

He shares his now famous creations on his Instagram account, which counts more than a million subscribers and makes him the most followed pastry chef in the world.

His savoir-faire and his great imagination got him to give master classes all over the world. He even got the chance to create a special piece of work, which was the first chocolate-made artwork exhibited in a museum.

Amaury knows no limit and is willing to show the world that a young French chef can make wonders.

Margaux Bogdan

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