The 5 restaurants with the most beautiful view of Paris

The 5 restaurants with the most beautiful view of Paris

Take time to discover the 5 restaurants offering the best views of Paris, to enjoy with friends, family or two, at every opportunity.
Day or night, these places will make you rediscover Paris from a different angle and you will travel by both the sublime view and dishes prepared by skilled cookers.

1) Jules Vernes


This amazing restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower offers a fantastic view of the trocadero and Paris. Rather than admire it, the Jules Verne offers to enjoy a dinner on the wonderful monument. Open every day of the week, the meals cooked by the prestigious Alain Ducasse are from 95€ to 185 €.

2) La Maison Blanche


Located just next to the Champs – Elysees, in the beautiful avenue Montaigne, you can discover the french cuisine of Sylvain Ruffenach, but also enjoy a nice terrace open in summer as well as a fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower. For a menu, the price is from 69€ to 110 €, “à la carte” prices from € 150 and more.

3) Le Georges


This restaurant located on the top of the Pompidou Center offers a view over Paris and the big monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Le Grand Palais or L’Elysée. Thanks to the bay window, you can enjoy the beautiful view inside and outside, in summer and winter, or enjoy the view thanks to the large terrace. The Costes cookery offers a menu from 80 €.

4) Le ciel de Paris


Located on the 56th and last stage of the Tour Montparnasse in the 15th arrondissement, this restaurant proprose an unobstructed view of Paris, especially for those lucky enough to have their reserved table near the windows.
Managed by Christophe Marchais, the price “à la carte” is between 70€ and 80 €.

5) Le Café Marly


This restaurant is unique through the beautiful view of the Louvre Pyramid, illuminated in the evening. You can also enjoy the beautiful Colonades with its terrace. The kitchen is Costes and offers prices from 55 € to 75 € “à la carte”.

Laetitia Belhachmi


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