The 5 most expensive hotels in the world

The 5 most expensive hotels in the world

Because luxury has a price, and not any price, This is the most expensive hotels in the world that offer these royal services.

1) Président Wilson Hôtel, Swiss


President Wilson Hotel, located in Geneva, is to date the most expensive hotel in the world. For one night in the establishment, it will pay € 45,500, this price includes 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, with stunning views of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva.

2) Lagonissi Resort, Athens


The resort Lagonissi Athens, offers for € 39 500 per night a dining room, a large living room, and a suite of 410 m². The hotel also offer a private heated swimming pool of 47 m².

3) Palm Resort, Las Vegas


This hotel is known for its modernity and gigantism. It is possible to enjoy the view on the main avenue of Las Vegas, while enjoying the pool and jacuzzi, for the price of € 29,000 per night.

4) Raj Palace, Jaïpur


As the Palm Resort in Las Vegas, Raj Palace offers a particularly luxurious accommodation for € 29,000 per night. “The Shahi Mahal Presidential Suite” is a real incarnation of the palace of the Maharajas, offering guests the royal benefits.

5) Four Seasons, New York


The most expensive suite of the Four Seasons is called “Ty Warner Penthouse”. In the heart of Manhattan, this suite has 9 large rooms, a private spa access, a zen garden staff and a large library for a price of € 24,500 per night.

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