Tangxuan, Delicate Chinese dessert

Tangxuan, Delicate Chinese dessert

The logo, the decoration and the dessert, I appreciate everything that TANGXUAN presents.

TANGXUAN is a tea and dessert salon which situates at 56 rue La Fayette. Its uniqueness is that they have everything in a refined traditional Chinese style.

The logo of TANGXUAN looks like the windows from the Chinese garden. The Chinese garden is a landscape garden style which has evolved over three thousand years. It includes both the vast gardens of the Chinese emperors and members of the imperial family, built for pleasure and to impress, and the more intimate gardens created by scholars, poets, former government officials, soldiers and merchants, made for reflection and escape from the outside world. So when we see this logo, the first thing comes to my mind is royalty, it makes me think that it must be a luxury brand for classical Chinese desserts.


For the decoration of this salon, we can see that they use a lot of Chinses elements:  the wooden chairs, the traditional windows for Chinese garden, the lamps which look like the lanterns, the stone wall etc. And instead of using the simple elegant colors like white and black or luxury color like golden and grey, they use the red and green to make a contrast, and most important reason is that during the Chinese MING dynasty in the history, only the nobility or rich people can wear in red and green. Again—it shows the Chinese luxury.


And for the dessert, they have all kinds of Chinese refined desserts which I would die for. The “mille feuille à la mangue” and “Joeng zi gam lau” are my favorites.


This place is my first choice when I want to spend some time chatting with friends and having some desserts.