Swarovski’s $60 bracelet on Craigslist

Swarovski’s $60 bracelet on Craigslist

For those of you who don’t know of Craigslist, it’s an American advertisement website that has been growing a large base over the years. It’s currently available and used in 70 countries. Craigslist has multiple sections assigned to various kinds of listed ads catering to things such as jobs, housing, services, items for sale, etc. Most of the time, the ads are casual and meant to be efficient, more than they are focused on being appealing.

What is intriguing however, is that for Swarovski – an Austrian luxury brand that produces crystal jewelry – used Craigslist to advertise one of its products. Because of the website platform, you don’t usually see luxury brands displaying their products there. The product that was promoted was a Swarovski Stardust Bracelet. An executive had explained this unconventional move by stating that their intention was to make the brand seem more down to earth.

Steve Red, the CCO of Swarovski’s ad agency told Business Insider that this ad was made to show that Swarovski is not only for red carpet moments and special occasions. Missed Connections is a category on Craigslist that mostly has letters written to strangers that passed each other by, or randomly met, but hadn’t got the chance to get each other’s names or information. Usually, this section is used in large cities where it isn’t possible to meet the same person twice in a short amount of time. The message they had hoped for, was to reach some intrigued women on Missed Connections, in order to bring out the idea to sparkle a little bit more the next time they catch someone’s eye.

According to Business Insider, the ad received a lot of responses from women in both New York and Philadelphia who were gifted the bracelet.


Mirna Zook

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