Sustainability and luxury now compatible?

Sustainability and luxury now compatible?

We assist to a revolution in the luxury fields, customers want to buy beautiful products but not at the expense of the environment and of the workers who made it.

This trend begins with a strong awareness about the planet. It is amplified by the millennials who want transparency and environmental compliance, they are more and more who want to try the vegan way of life. It’s a really big change of consumption patterns. The brands have to review their priority and put sustainability and ethics as their major preoccupations.

We can already see this change in many brands, Stella McCartney was the precursor 15 years ago. As a vegetarian she decides to stop using fur and leather and replace them by only biomaterials. Recently, House Margiela and Gucci banished fur of their collection and Gucci invent a concept of “wood liquid” to replace the plastic of their spectacle frame.

With all this initiative, we can wonder if sustainability and luxury are compatible ?

In the History, wear fur is a sign of power and richness, only nobles wear it. It shows their power because they have to dominate the nature to obtain this material, and more the animal is rare more it fur has value, and more his owner show his power.

Now mentality as change and we look for an object more intellectual than financial, luxury products are a value more symbolic, intellectual and magic than ever.

So, luxury and sustainable are now reconcilable, the DNA of a luxury brands is to make products lasting as well as sustainability development for the planet.


Justine Latta

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