Sport and Rolex, a marketing love story

Sport and Rolex, a marketing love story

Histoire course automobile Daytona Beach

Firstly it will not sounds like a good idea to put in danger your 3000€ watch by doing some exercice with. But when you take it from the other side, how life-proof is a watch that could cross oceans, go on the moon, hold a whole match against Federer or still not be delay after a Tiger Woods swing.

This is on that baseline that Rolex has build a century of communication in sport.

It all starts in 1926, the first waterproof watch has been designed and Rolex want to proof is efficiency. Rolex partners with Mercedes Gleitze a young English swimmer that decided to Cross the Manche ! This is in ten hours and with a Rolex on her wrist that she successfully crosses it !

In 1933, on the beach of Daytona where each year the biggest auto race took place. Attracted by an attempt on the fastest car world record, Rolex decided to make their first partnership in automobile sport to measure and officialize the speed. An astonishing 450km/h is recorded that day.

The new goes all over the world and the Daytona watch will be designed in honor, the bet is win.

Since the 30’s Rolex cease to partner with the most dangerous and rigorous sport. But they also knows how to target their client, since half a century, Rolex has been implemented in the most classy sport as golf, tennis and horse races.

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