Soon private jets for everyone?

Soon private jets for everyone?


Several French brands want to democratise the flight in private jet for anyone in the same model as car sharing.

For 500 euros, you can now have a ticket for a travel in a private jet to Paris from London. With these low prices, the purpose is to attract the businessmen and the middle managers that usually travel a lot for their jobs.

The main purpose is to propose a “high quality service with a good gain of time” for those who need to be fast in their jobs.

Even if the plane goes from “Le Bourget” in France to “Biggin Hill” in London, the clients can benefit from the VTC service. Plus, the company reduces the prices when the plane has to go back to a country to avoid an empty travel.


That company started a new trend and it has a great future for sure.

Awa Ndoye


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