Singapour Airlines, the most luxurious air company.

Singapour Airlines, the most luxurious air company.

23141254_0Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to have you in the best airline company… Singapour Airlines ! The company is an airline based in Singapore, considered one of the best in the world in recent years. The company was voted 2nd Company of the Year in the Skytrax World Airline Awards behind Qatar Airways in 2015. Skytrax again, Singapore Airlines is the first world rank “Best Business Class Award” in 2015 .

Why this company? For many years , the training of cabin crew (PNC) largely involved the prestige of the Asian company. SIA spends annually $ 100 million (€ 75 million euros ) . But it is especially the luxury , the comfort of its cabins and modern aircraft in its fleet that established his reputation.


They provide the best services and the best innovations that you attend from a airline company and are ready to keep their status because they have a lot of competitors like Qatar Airways Or Emirates.

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