Should we succumb to the fashion of “fake” ?

Should we succumb to the fashion of “fake” ?

In recent years, there is a certain obsession with Generation Y to the trend of the false: tan, fake hair, fake eyelashes, and much more…

This leads to question whether it actually improves appearance women but also the men who are turning more and more to the trend. Should we succumb to it?

It is clinically proven that a suntan makes people feel better, thanks to a healthy dose of Vitamin D, that it sure but it can encourage bad drawbacks that we already know (cancers, addictions, deterioration …).

When it comes to all makeup products, even fake eyelashes and fake nails or tanning products, the idea should be to enhance beauty, not to conceal it. Beauty products should serve to make you feel empowered and confident about you. It’s not that we can’t feel that way without them, but they certainly give a helping hand.

It is dangerous when you feel that you have to adhere to a certain look, whether that is “glamorous footballer’s wife” or “sculpted bikini fashion model”… Guys nobody’s perfect!

The theme of the aesthetics of the woman is, and always will be a bone of contention. Emphasis should be placed on the fact of feeling better, because it goes with the way you treat your appearance.

So a little advice, be reasonable! And fake which is not seen is the best of fake.

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