Shang Xia in Paris

Shang Xia in Paris

After Beijing and Shanghaï, Shang Xia opens its first boutique in Paris.

Indeed, last september, the chineese Luxury Brand and partner of Hermés opens its first shop rue de Sèvres in Paris.

However, what is truely Shang Xia ? What is the History of the brand ?

Indeed, since its opening in Paris last september, French and espcially parisian costumers are wondering what is this Chineese Brand.

Shang Xia actually belongs to Hermés (90%), but they are officially two separated brands. Some fashion specialist even call it «The Chineese Hermés ».

Shang Xia actually means « Up & Down » or « Above & Below ».

Shang  Xia was created in 2007 and perfectly embodies the Chinees Know How and craft.

Porcelain tea service, furnitures, leather goods, jewelery and fashion prêt à porter, Xiang shia has a pretty large portofolio and always uses local chineese materials and fabrics.

Moreover, Shang Xia wants to mixt its craftsmanship with Contemporary Art.

Indeed, each product is designed with a modern and comtemporary style, which never forget the Chineese spirit.

We can say yet if Shang Xia is a success in France, beacause french costumers look pretty « perplex » face to this new concept.